Expat’s Children Education

Talented executives around the world are looking for opportunities in the Asia Pacific region; most are raring to move into a new life with exciting projects and investments. However, one problem constantly bugs them and stops them from taking the step forward – their children. Downtown Singapore could be the solution. Hailed as second home to many expatriates, it is well equipped with holistic education and family oriented entertainment for your little ones. Growing up in a foreign country has never been this fun.

Quality International Pre-schools
Kindergartens situated in the prime districts of Singapore are specially designed to cater to children from all parts of the globe. They mostly adopt an internationally recognized teaching method such as the Montessori system. Where kindergartens develop their unique teaching styles, these methods are also certified by the Ministry of Education and not to mention, avid parents. One such Pre-school Jakarta is the famous Eton House which promotes multiple learning goals for their students. This kindergarten has frequently ranked top among its competitors for its emphasis on learning through interaction and building confidence.

Kids-friendly malls and restaurants
In a bid to cultivate a pro-family environment, various shopping centers and restaurants have transformed themselves to a haven for both the parents and their young ones. These malls feature fashion for juniors, major toy stores playgrounds and specially designed nursing rooms. Housing the largest Toys R’us store in Singapore, Forum Shopping Centre is one of the children’s favorite hangouts. Restaurants like Globetrotter at United Square swear by their slogan of where you can eat and kids can play as they serve up a conducive dining environment for families with energetic little ones.

Close to Nature
A dream-like childhood is not complete without exploring the beauty of Mother Nature. While this may be difficult in severely polluted cities like Jakarta and Beijing, Nature is just beyond the doorstep at downtown Singapore. Apart from the ubiquitous lush greenery along the streets, our National Botanic Gardens is a short drive away at Bukit Timah – the perfect picnic spot. For adventurous tots, the Sungai Buloh Conservation Area provides an adventure in a paradise of tropical flora and fauna. During specific periods of the year, your children can even go bird-watching!

Exciting holiday activities
School holidays for a child in Singapore are constantly exciting because there are so many fun-filled activities. You could bring them to the inspiring Science Centre or gaze at the galaxy at the Planetarium. If your children love wet rides, Downtown East has some of the wildest yet safest water slides. Furthermore, arts and music festivals throughout the year carry programs specially catered to children in order to spark off their creativity. These programs often invite children to join in the fun of producing art which can be very enriching at a tender age.

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