Happy Birthday Karisma Kapoor: Diet Tips From The Youthful 44 Year Old

Happy Birthday Karisma Kapoor: Diet Tips From The Youthful 44 Year Old

Bollywood actor Karisma Kapoor turns 44 today and the diva still doesn’t look a day older than 30. Kapoor, who is starring in Alt Balaji’s new series on single parents, has been super fit and has been inspiring her legions of fans to eat healthy and stay fit. She is also quite active on social media and has over four millions followers on Instagram alone. The mother of two is currently in London, celebrating her birthday with family and friends. Karisma has been posting picturesque snapshots from her birthday vacation in the UK and some of them include her sister and actor Kareena Kapoor Khan.

If you scroll down Karisma Kapoor’s Instagram handle, you’ll know that the beauty loves food and is often posting pictures of her meals that are a mix of decadence and healthy food.

Here are some diet lessons that we picked up from birthday girl Karisma Kapoor’s Instagram page:

1. Fruits And Coffee For Breakfast

Karisma Kapoor often posts pictures of her breakfast meals and most of these invariably include fruits- mostly berries and citrus fruits- and a mug of coffee. Fruits are rich in phytonutrients, which are beneficial plant compounds that may help fight inflammation in the body. Berries in particular are very rich in antioxidants. Coffee too is great for metabolism and when consumed with breakfast, may give you the right push of energy to go about your work during the day.

2. The Right Way To Eat Carbs

Karisma Kapoor may give you some tips in the right way to eat carbohydrates, which are also important components of your diet, no matter what the latest fad diets may have you believe. Karisma makes her pasta at home and also makes sure she pairs it with vegetables and protein-rich foods like egg whites and chicken. Both eggs and chicken have high quality lean proteins.

3. Treat Yourself – Indulgence Is Important

The reason behind Karisma Kapoor’s beautiful smile may be the fact that she doesn’t shy away from indulging herself once in a while. She often goes on vacations to various European countries and makes sure she posts a barrage of deliciousness from her culinary sojourns. She loves ice-creams, from the looks of it, as she often posts pictures and videos of herself eating delicious desserts and ice-creams.

4. Eat A Rainbow

Karisma is a fan of colourful foods as is evident from her love for fruits. Case in point is her breakfast porridge that is a happy mix of fruits and nuts. Fruits are rich in micro-nutrients, including essential vitamins and minerals, while nuts contain healthy fats, fibre, protein etc. Almonds are also known to have brain-boosting benefits.

5. Wholesome Working Lunch

The Indian thali is known as a wholesome meal, due to the presence of a whole range of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients in it, from fibre in flatbreads to protein in lentils or dal. Karisma seems to be a fan of the thali. Case in point is this working lunch of the diva that includes a delicious-looking Gujarati thali.

When it comes to fitness, Karisma leaves no stone unturned in working her physique through yoga and gymming, both of which are also practiced by her sister Kareena Kapoor Khan. Well, we wish Karisma a very happy birthday and hope she continues to charm us with more healthy and delicious food on her Instagram!